Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The origins of a Miscellaneous Lawyer

Five years of uni, one year of post-grad, and six months of office work, and finally, I am... a Lawyer.  (Duh duh duhhhhh)

Two weeks into my first real job as a lawyer, and every night I go home and think that all this would make a great story.  Since I am not that great a writer, I thought Blog!  What a great way to tell funny stories, amusing anecdotes, and perhaps share a bit of what it is like making my way in the Big Bad World of Law and (dis)-Order.

I will tell you this much about myself.  I finished my Law degree at Adelaide University in 2010.  I completed the final requirements for my admission in about October 2011, and was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor in the Supreme Court of South Australia in November 2011.  I am currently working as a Solicitor in a country law firm in South Australia.  I play way too many instruments, and I make a fantastic hamburger. 

For reasons of confidentiality, I won't post any more about who I am, who I work for, or which Court I am appearing in.  It shouldn't be too hard to work out if you are really interested (and somewhat stalker-ish) but seriously, if you are really interested, just ask me. 

The origin of this blog.
While I was travelling overseas, my then girlfriend (now fiancee) sent me a book called 'Annonymous Lawyer' by Jeremy Blachman.  It was supposed to be a birthday present, but I opened it and devoured it in about a day.  It was some of the funniest writing I have read in a long time. 

The premise was that a senior lawyer at a large, prestigious law firm decided to set up his own blog called 'annonymous lawyer' and started making satiric comments about all his staff and colleagues.  It also chronicled his ambitious attempt to wrest power from the senior partner, all the while his many avid readers slowly worked out who he was.  I won't post the ending (seriously, just go read it, it is fantastic), but the idea kinda stuck in my mind.

I can promise that I won't be making any ambitious grabs at power in my law firm.  The senior solicitors are all experienced, highly competent lawyers, and as a first-year solicitor... well, let's just say that I refer to myself as 'the baby-lawyer.'  Not far off the truth, either.

My second client ever said straight out to me, 'Um, I don't mean to be rude, but are you, uh, fully qualified and all that?'  She later apologised and said that I have a 'baby face.'  Hmm.  Not sure what to make of that.  Never mind.  I gave her some dodgy legal advice and let her go.  (Not really.)  I think I will start hanging my degrees up in my room, just to be able to point to them and say, 'See that?  Five years.  See that one?  One year, and $5000.  See that one?  Just don't ask.'

Where to from here:
I certainly am not expecting this blog to be published in book form, with me sitting in book stores handing out signed copies.  I don't really expect to see more than a few readers stumbling on and leaving snarky comments.  ("You told her she could get HOW much?  Such a n00bzor!")  What I do expect is that every time something amusing or interesting happens, I might just make a post about it.  Who knows, I could be the next annonymous lawyer!  Orrrrrr, I could get bored in a few weeks, and no one will ever read this.  Let's just wait and see.


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