Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Media blowout on 'Leadership Spill'

This just in... Costello denies leadership spill.  "No, that time is not drawing close."  Oh wait, haven't I heard that before?

What about this?  Gillard talks down prospects of a leadership spill. "I'm getting on with my job, Kevin Rudd's getting on with his. I'm doing that with the strong support of my caucus colleagues."  Wait, that sounds familiar as well.

How about this one?  PM denies need for leadership spill.  "Because I believe Kevin's doing a good job as the Minister for Foreign Affairs and I'm very confident in my leadership of the Labor Party."  Nope, same deal. 

Finally, what does Rudd think?  Rudd:   No leadership spill in prospect.  "Mr Rudd and I discussed the leadership in generalities only." "At no stage did Mr Rudd ask for my support on the floor of the Parliament nor did I offer my support."  Even Wilkie is playing it down. 

But still, we keep talking about it!

Labor leadership spill update:   "Well, she has repeatedly ruled out any suggestion of this but for several weeks now, it's been asked over and over and over. The other key thing here is that the Prime Minister leaves to go to Canada tomorrow for the G20 meeting. He leaves tomorrow afternoon and the Parliament finishes its last sitting by the end of tomorrow. So there doesn't seem to be an awful lot of time left here."
Quentin Dempster discusses leadership spill:  (Ok, fine, that is in the context of NSW, but shaddupstatistics)
Labor's leadership - what will happen?  What is needed?  "It seems as if the only thing people want to talk about today is the leadership of the Labor Party."  Bullshit. 
Jobs for the boys a new Rudd ploy.  "A Victorian MP has said he has heard a similar pitch that ''support will be recognised and rewarded''."   Really? Thank you Mr Victorian MP...
Labor Leadership Spill is on:  This seems to be completely speculative, because "We could be looking at another leadership challenge as early as next Monday or Tuesday when parliament returns."    

So can somebody please fill me in... why the hell does the media keep banging up stories of an impending leadership spill when the two parties involved are categorically denying it?  Does the media think that by asking the same questions again and again, the answer will change?  



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