Monday, 27 February 2012

The Real Julia

Finally this is over (hopefully).  The caucus confirmed Ms Gillard as Australia's PM, and Kevin Rudd gracefully bowed in defeat.  Ignoring the fact that the most vocal Australian electors wish for Rudd over Gillard, the caucus has, for better or worse, decided to stick with the old.  No surprises, really. 

I await with great anticipation the response to this vehement affirmation of her leadership.  Will this signal a new era of cooperation between the now ex-foreign minister (and ex-PM).  I hope so. 

Here, then, is my question. 

Had there not been such a media storm about Rudd's supposed leaks and politiking, would he ever have declared for the leadership? 

I note he was so hesitant to declare that it wasn't until Gillard called the matter that he openly agreed to contest the position.  I suspect that if the media hadn't perpetrated the stories based on 'a minister close to the PM' or 'labor sources', there wouldn't have been any interest in a spill, and this would all have blown over.

Here are my postulations: 
  1. Most people who were clamoring for a leadership spill were conservatives/Coalition supporters.  
  2. The only people likely to benefit from Rudd challenging the leadership were those in Opposition. 
  3. The media (The Advertiser, Channel 9, etc) is very openly conservative and Coalition-leaning.  
  4. Most of the 'leaks' and rumors were started by the Libs.  
Might be going out on a limb with a few of them, but certainly room for debate!

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