Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The 5 Clients from Hell

I saw this by 'bitter staff' on Bitter Lawyer and couldn't HELP but re-post! I highly recommend you go there and read it all. For the moment, though, here is my favourite!

3. Basketcase
In a typical half-hour discussion with Basketcase, the notion of fairness surfaces about three dozen times. As in, “but I don’t see how that’s fair.” Each time after mentioning “fair,” however, the client collapses into heaving sobs and says she (or, on occasion, “he”) is not sure she “can go on like this.” You explain it all again as best as you can, particularly how things ended up in your office, but after the sixth time you figure the client isn’t going to absorb the fact that, by not paying rent, you probably are going to be evicted. Besides having a fresh box of Kleenex in your office—two boxes just in case—make sure you instruct the client not to show up at the office without an appointment. Otherwise, Basketcase will be in the law firm’s lobby thirty minutes before you start most workdays.

I have... well, hell, most of my clients are like this. I had one who had to do a significant amount of driving under a set of Orders, but had near total custody of the children. Her comment?  "It's not fair, how can he do this to me?"


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