Thursday, 24 May 2012

More media beatup on Craig Thompson

I think that this is likely to be a common theme in this blog (read 'beat into the ground), but I can't resist quoting another article in InDaily about media integrity.

Susan Mitchell writes in THIS PAGE about the hype surrounding the Lindy Chamberlain investigation, and how the media (and the populace) judged her guilty. Even when a judge pronounced her innocent, she was still 'hounded' by the media.

I am not a huge fan of Mr Thompson. (read 'I think he is an arrogant berk who quite probably is guilty of many of the allegations made against him). I am also appalled by the lack of focus on policy in the recent media. Neither party is blameless, but the constant character attacks on Mr Thompson have shrouded any economic policy decisions he might have been making.

Ms Gillard, too, is attacked for supporting him and continuing to support him in his current role. This frustrates me intensely. Where did the innocent until proven guilty' idea go?

There is an implicit criticism of a government where a minister is shown to be guilty of some offence. But is there really any 'misjudgment' about accepting ministers/speakers who LATER turn out to be guilty? If your school teacher turns out to have committed fraud in some way, is that a judgement on their students?

The debacle about  Mr Slipper seems almost comical in that light. Mr Abbott is criticising Ms Gillard for accepting him as speaker, yet the offences with which he is charged occurred while he was a parliamentarian for the coalition! If he was good enough for the Libs, why not for Labor?

Why don't we all sit back and watch how the investigations come out? Sure, scrutinize the investigation, but leave the parties out of it.

Update: Here is Mr Thompson defending himself on the basis above. Seems fair to me.

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