Thursday, 14 June 2012

Aggravated Possesesing

As I am sure you will be aware, most offences can be either basic or aggravated. My favorite aggravated offence is that of aggravated possession, (usually of a firearm.)

I am trying to imagine how that would go: Police burst into your home and find you holding on to a firearm with every last bit of strength, yelling and screaming "I'VE GOT YOU NOW!" Alternatively, do they find you holding a wad of cash up against a wall, threatening to possess it? The notes struggling to get away, but being overpowered by a boorish bloke wearing a wife-beater.

And what do police yell? "STOP POSSESSING, YOU'RE POSSESSING!"

There are lots of aggravating factors, one of which is often that an offence is committed in company. Imagine that, two people sitting in a shed, both holding on to a stolen chicken... BAM aggravated possession! Alternatively, they have gone halves on purchasing it, but they are aggravated possessors! The charge: aggravated unlawful possession of a chicken aggravated by being in company.

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