Wednesday, 1 August 2012

'More buses in the city'... well Duh!

Indaily today ran an article titled 'Scrap bus loop urges city traders,' which contrary to it's title, was not a call to move buses from the city. Instead, it was a call to replace the two current 'loop' services in the city (one every 60 minutes and one every 20 minutes) with one service running every 15 minutes.

The problem with the 'Adelaide Connector' run by Adelaide City Council is that it doesn't run frequently enough for anyone to rely on using it, and even if it did, no one knows where it goes. The problem with the '99C City Loop' run by Adelaide Metro is that it basically follows the tram route, but more slowly.

Edit: I now know that the 99C loop runs in a circle around the city, and in actual fact does NOT follow the tram route. Still, taking 40 minutes to do a loop seems a bit excessive. The Adelaide Connector seems hell-bent on providing people with access to every part of Adelaide and North Adelaide, without considering how long that would take (1 hour). The problem here seems to be that these services are trying to take in too much of the city, making it inefficient.

Honestly, I'd rather walk from Victoria Square to North Terrace than wait 20 minutes for a bus.

What really grabbed my attention in this article was this line here:
"... the ACC's aims in its recently released Integrated Movement Strategy, which calls for an increase in public transport and a reduction in the amount of cars in the city."

No. Shit.

What plan would ever call for more cars in the city? This shows the fundamental idiocracy of Local Government. It should be self-evident that we need better public transport in the city, and that bus service running every 60 minutes won't get much patronage. The fact that no one at Council has noticed that the tram extension made the 99C redundant, and that it was pointed out by a business precinct group is sad.

In an ideal world (haha) Adelaide would have a flawless system of underground rail, regular buses that were clean and efficient, and flying pigs keeping the pigeon population down.

But seriously, the biggest issues with public transport are that a) they don't run often enough, and b) they don't go where I need them. Shouldn't this be a primary focus of Adelaide Metro and the ACC?

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