Thursday, 2 August 2012

Olympic Ads and Gold-medal tanks.

You may be aware of the Commonwealth Bank's "CAN" adds, where a bunch of people dressed up as the letters C, A and N provide various comic abuse to the hated "T" at the end.

In another version the C A and N are encouraging a bunch of Aussies to pray for the diving team. The worst one is where Toni Colette reads a poem "Ode to CAN." Seriously poor performance. I think that CommBank probably did much better with their ads aimed at things like "I WILL get a motorbike, a REAL one, if I'm allowed to."

But they really came under fire for running a terrorist gag video about setting "T" up. Video found here. Seriously, how is this funny? Do they really think that they are going to make any money by advertising like this? Sure, the "I will throw food out when it's expired; give or take a few days" ad was hilarious, and I loved the line "I will buy things online, and tell my husband I've had them for years!" But how does that convert into bank customers?

Poor effort on the "CAN" adds, CommBank, poor effort.

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