Monday, 20 August 2012

Typical Revenue Raising

My wife and I were driving on Sunday morning up North East Road towards the hills. On the way up, we noticed that the traffic lights at Grand Junction Road were out. There was a truck from the Traffic Management Centre which appeared to be working on one of them, and just as we passed, a police car pulled up.

We came back the same way about 30 minutes later, and there were now three police cars and two trucks. The traffic had become a bit heavier, and cars were navigating the intersection fairly slowly.

But the police were not directing traffic. They had placed temporary 25km/h signs, AND WERE ON BOTH SIDES OF THE INTERSECTION WITH RADAR GUNS.

Not directing traffic for safety, but pinging motorists who were doing a few k's over the 25 limit. Not just one, but TWO COPS had radar guns out.

Surely, safety could better be managed by standing in the middle of the intersection and directing traffic...

I can only think that the police officers were directed to raise some money on a cold, damp Sunday morning.

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