Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Family Law Conferences and my lunch

I am in the middle of my first ever Family Law Conference, and I think I am about to lose my lunch.

Ok, not really in the middle. I am in a 'hiatus'.  The mediator has spoken to us for about 20 minutes, and is now speaking to the other side. My client is sitting in the waiting room, making my secretary's life miserable.

You see, my client is lovely. She has a great attitude to the mediation, she is positive about the father spending regular and significant time with the child, and she isn't saying anything stupid. The problem? She stinks.

I mean really, really stinks. I have witnessed worse BO, but by the time it gets worse, it gets visible. You can't quite see the miasma wafting off her, but it is a close thing. Seriously, gross!

She is quite obese, and although she appears well-kempt, she obviously hasn't heard of anti-perspirant or deodorant.

My secretary has a thing for smells. She will get out the Glen20 after even a hint of BO. I can't think what she must be going through out in the front room with her.

Did you know that doctors have found a new variant of penicillin that is effective against most resistant bacteria? Yeah, they found it in the folds of an obese person's waist.

Think twice about taking medication.

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