Thursday, 11 October 2012

Julia Gillard demolishes Tony Abbott

Ok, I have decided that this blog is going to take a new direction. I make no bones about the fact that in politics, I lean left. I would probably support a liberal (IE progressive) government over a conservative (IE Liberal/Coalition) government 9 times out of 10. But I am so sick of politics and our two largely-ineffective leaders, that I am going to restrict myself to supporting positions and individual actions. Therefore, if Gillard makes a gaffe, I will laugh at her. If Abbott proposes a good policy (frosty hell), I will discuss it rationally.

Tony Abbott looking decidedly uncomfortable as Gillard demolishes his motion

As our two political parties are so close to centre, there is some scope for supporting either party without being called 'conservative'. Mind you, there is no scope for being called 'progressive.'

So this blog is now going to be commenting on the vagaries of anyone who appears in public life. If Gillard makes a brilliant speech, I will be right behind her. If Gillard cocks up, I will be laughing at her just as hard. Similarly for Abbott. I will no longer base my commentary on their position (left or right) but based on their efficiency, truthfulness, and message. 

I concede, reluctantly, that had Malcolm Turnbull remained as head of the Coalition, I might have been able to bring myself to vote for him. Fortunately, the 'left' has been gifted the hapless Tony Abbott on which to watch the 'right' hang itself.

Although I have just said that I will be impartial, I have to say that until Abbott says something without rhetoric, or with a positive message, I just won't be able to take him seriously. By the same token, if Gillard returns to her scripted, cliche'd 'grab'-filled messages of yester-week, I won't be able to take her seriously either. 

Ok; on topic. This week, Gillard performed a stunning feat of oration, and managed to make Abbott look even more foolish, hypocritical and baseless than ever before. That truly was a miracle. (I didn't think he could go any lower.) More importantly, she demonstrated that she had something of a backbone. Her speech was somewhat scripted, but it was performed with conviction, and that is something that is often lacking in politics. 

Here it is.

If you haven't seen it, I recommend watching it. Pure gold. Please note the look on Abbott's face.

Whoever advised Abbott to make attacks on Slipper must have been halfway deaf, blind and stupid. Especially as he has just been in so much trouble over his image regarding women! Making an attack on another person being 'misogynistic' and 'sexist' was just stupid. Quite rightly, Gillard jumped on the hypocrisy.

Beyond what his image is, by criticising Slipper, he opens himself up to criticism himself about his past relations with him. 

I don't think Gillard is completely clean herself, but she has certainly been the victim of political smear campaigns far more than Abbott has. (Except the budgie-smuggler affair... he opened himself up for that.)

I don't agree entirely with Gillard, but I agree with one thing she says. I hope the Leader of the Opposition takes a lesson from this. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. 

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