Thursday, 23 May 2013

Free Legal Advice for Idiots

We just received a phone call from someone who was filling out a Legal Aid form. They wanted to know what a 'Financially Associated Person' was.

Looking past the fact that the second page of the application form describes exactly what a 'financially associated person' is, this client can be commended for asking for help, rather than leaving it blank.

But what he has just done is called a lawyer to help her fill in a form. If he was paying privately, that could have cost him up to $50.00, just for a quick question that he could have worked out by reading the form!

Is this what is wrong with the justice system?

1 comment:

  1. I'm amazed just how many people have trouble comprehending basic instructions. You know... Surname. Family name. Last name. Yes, they're the same thing. Usually. Except last because culture. Jeez.

    Our JPs can spend quite a bit of time filling out forms - occasionally in German.