Monday, 2 September 2013

Ride to Conquer Cancer training update

The last few weeks has been abysmal in terms of time on the bike. I had it serviced in Adelaide three weeks ago, but then it rained for the entire weekend. Although I am very eager to get out there, I am not yet a fan of climbing hills in the rain. Worse, descending them.

The following weekend I was engaged with training for the SES. (I am now an accredited, trained member of the rescue team! Woo, go me!). I also kinda came down with a bug that kept me home on Monday.

Finally, last weekend, I managed to find time to get out on the bike, and what a day it was! Saturday was about the perfect weather for cycling. Mid-20s, clear skies, and hardly any wind. I got out there, bright and early at 8.00am,...

and came down with a leg cramp. Bother.

10k's later, I realised that I wasn't going to be able to keep up with the bunch, and went home. About the only benefit was that I learned a new style of cycling... one-legged cycling!

Yesterday was my last chance, and I made the most of it. Although my leg was still giving me grief, I managed to get 50k's out before I ran out of steam.

Perhaps not where I wanted to be, but given I am still sick, haven't been training, and ran out of water half-way through, I am pretty happy! Now, to find some hills and climb them!

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