Thursday, 25 June 2015

Wind Energy, and how to have a good discussion about wind-farm-itis.

James Carleton is currently hosting RN Breakfast, and doing a wonderful job. This morning, he hosted a discussion between Miles George, Chair of the Clean Energy Council and MD of Infigin Energy, and Tony Hodgson, Chairman of Friends of Collector, a lobbyist campaigning against a wind farm near his property.

If you have read many posts in this blog, you will know my views about wind farms. Primarily that they are fine, and that wind-farm-itis is all a crock.

I believe that there is only one reason why you don't want a wind farm near your property: because you don't like them. That's fine. I don't care, but don't try to make up some bullshit argument about health hazards from 'infrasound!'

Ok, so there's my view, full disclosure.

James Carleton managed to hold a sensible discussion with two opposing views, without alienating or patronising either of them. He made the wind-farm hater answer questions based on the premise "What if conclusive studies showed no problems" and he made the wind-farm proponent answer questions based on the premise "What if credible studies showed real problems."

By forcing both parties to debate the issues based on these assumptions, he was able to advance the debate. This was particularly effective, because Tony Hodgson didn't feel he was being patronised or that his beliefs were being dismissed.

It also allowed Tony Hodgson to sound like an absolute fool, which is always good.

That audio can be found here:

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