Friday, 31 July 2015

Young Lawyers' Golgen Gavel Competition 2015

I had the great pleasure to once again represent... myself at the Young Lawyers Golden Gavel competition last night. Although I didn't win (again), I had a heap of fun, and got a free bottle of wine! Yay!

The YLGGC is a 5 minute stand-up routine, where we are given our topics 48 hours prior. Usually the topics are funny, except the ones they give me.

This year's topic was "Yes father: 5 reasons why nepotism in the legal profession is underrated." Urgh. Naturally enough, I spent most of my time off-topic, but at least I got a few laughs.

Other topics were "The Bronwyn Bishop guide to creatively billing your clients", "I withdraw that, Your Honour: 5 things you should never say during sentencing", "Things that should never slip out of your mouth in court" and "How your friends know you are a lawyer".

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